Project Management Dashboard


Project Management Dashboard

iBIM World project management dashboard

After years of work in the field Project management and review of all online and web dashboards decided that iBIM World project management team, this experience and opinions of experts and specialists too to design, program and implement the iBIM World project management dashboard. This management dashboard as a database and project management tool consists of various, very practical and user-friendly modules, including project information management, Project communication management, task management, project planning and control as well Project management. The module for project information management in a very efficient environment allows you to categorize all documents, confusion and clutter in the collection of Avoid documents and always use the latest version of project information. The communication management module is based on public and private messages and offers the possibility of direct communication between Project staff (in real time) about the solution of all project cases and the sending of public Project notifications. In the Task Management section, you can identify the people in your Assign group tasks. By managing the assigned tasks and viewing the Individuals performance report, you can take action to improve efficiency as well To increase the effectiveness of your team in the project. The project planning and control module contains Charts, tables and reports with which you can control your project and make the necessary Make changes and corrections to make the project a success by using the Observe deviations online in various executive sections. Based on The project management department will help you with your international standards and guidelines professional project management team, all actions related to the initial Processes, planning, control, execution and completion of the project, efficiently carry out and manage all classifying project documents.


Project information management

In the Project Information Management section in iBIM World project management dashboard allows you to view all files, cards, letters and others Categorize and save project-related documents in a user-friendly environment. In this online and web-based system, it is possible to quickly access the latest edition of the Access the desired document, forward the documents to different people, Manage document copies and create a backup file of project documents. On In this way, all project team members can access the Use project database.

  • Web database
  • Fast, secure and classified access to all project documentation
  • Eliminate the need to archive printed documents within the project
  • Create access levels for documents
  • Management of document versions
  • Questions and answers on every document
  • Classification and classification of documents
  • Make a note of the information fields in the document
  • Fast and powerful search in project documents
  • Register any type of document with any type of extension
  • Ability to record additional explanations about documents
  • Capture all project information from the preliminary study phase to planning and construction to operation
  • Ability to export Excel files from documents and their information fields according to the Output user access level

Communication management project

Using the two parts of public and private messages in the Project management dashboard organizes and manages all communication between iBIM World Project staff. In the "Public Messages" area, all messages and public announcements related to the project will be announced. In the area (Alternatively word: sub-module) "Personal messages" can be sent to project staff speak, send copies, add attachments, use information fields for the message as well as creating questions and answers on Farahm project documents.

  • Personal conversation about the project
  • Send project announcements and general messages
  • Search for conversations
  • Copy messages to others
  • Define the topic of conversation
  • Attach the file to the chat environment
  • RFI definition for custom messages

Task management

In the area (Alternatively word: sub-module) "Task management" of the iBIM World project management dashboards related to the "Private Messages" section, tasks can be created for project staff. In this way, by setting the Deadline for delivery of the work you want along with the required description Task created for the person in the Personal Messages section and on the desktop calendar. One of the important points of this section is the connection with the reporting section on the Performance of project employees, which offers the possibility to increase the performance of employees monitor and collect the data necessary to optimize the efficiency of employees or the provide necessary corrective action.

  • Create tasks for project staff
  • Quick access to task-related documentation
  • Reporting on tasks assigned to others
  • Reporting on tasks assigned by others
  • Questions and answers on assignments
  • Filter by open and closed tasks
  • View the deadline for tasks in the desktop calendar
  • Define information fields for tasks
  • Advanced task search
  • Attach file to tasks

Project planning and control

In the project planning and control module of iBIM World Project Management Dashboard allows you to manage and plan your project by viewing your project program files, like Microsoft Project, Prima Vera or Excel for any activity or group of activities in Upload workgroups. This function is also intended so that you will be able to use real Record data for each working day in the project and match the original program with real Compare data to fully understand the critical parts and critical paths of the project know. And that easily and very quickly. Make the necessary corrections in the project in front. In this section you can create reports on costs, time, resources, activities, Milestones, performance trends, volume estimates, etc. in the form of various charts as well Report tables. View the administration and control all aspects of the project Apply the filters you want. After all, just make your project a success.

  • Upload the schedule to the dashboard
  • Actually enter the information into the dashboard
  • Create charts, graphs and tables automatically in the dashboard
  • Create a variety of graphs and reports related to the percentage of progress, Costs, resources, performance trends, volume estimates and ...
  • Archive custom reports in the Project Information Management section
  • Generate charts and tables at any time
  • Filter charts and tables based on custom information fields
  • Save custom filters in reports
  • Accurate and faster access to classified charts and tables
  • Output diagrams and tables
  • Create access levels for generated diagrams and tables
  • Create a project board

Project management

In the project management module of the iBIM World Project Management Dashboard You can classify all project documents according to international standards and simply click on them access. In this section you can use the relevant sections in future Follow controls and define a trustee who is responsible for each module and sub-module responsible for. The consistency of this part of the dashboard with international Standards, allows all professionals in the field of project management to do this part easy to use and with high efficiency and manage your projects in this way. One of the benefits of this section is a significant reduction in the time and cost involved Categorizing documents, referring to them, and referring people to various Positions in the project. Because this section is connected to the private message section that is used to manage communications, you can access each part of the Project management process, the necessary internal project conversations for each document to lead.

  • Classification of project information according to international standards
  • Access to documents and discussions based on areas of knowledge
  • Access to documents and conversations based on process groups
  • Process-based access to documents and conversations
  • Review and visual access to inputs, outputs, and tools and techniques for everyone process
  • Establish a trustee for each area of knowledge, process group, and process
  • Powerful and fast search for document information fields

More dashboard functions

  • Quick access to information and position of those involved in the project
  • Quick access to meteorological information on the project site
  • Compare meteorological information with the program
  • Create a secure access level for project users
  • Online support with a ticketing system in the dashboard
  • Choose a custom package
  • Implementation of a project information archiving system on dedicated servers to customer specification
  • Constant updating and creation of new functions in the dashboard
  • Maintaining the security of project information

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